6 Natural Ways to Stay Beautiful and Young-Looking


Aging is natural and it is almost irreversible. While there are a lot of technological advancements that lead to the discovery of safe surgical procedures to promote beauty, many people still prefer to look beautiful and young the natural way. Aside from safety concerns and health risks that a surgical procedure may come with, it is also very expensive. Good thing, there are a lot of natural ways to promote beauty and slow down aging. The following are examples of such:

  1. Eat healthy and unprocessed foods.

You would read about celebrities who are raving about their natural and organic diets, that is actually true. All natural foods like fruits and vegetables have amazing substances that keep the body healthy and the skin youthful. For instance, berries are rich in anti-oxidants that help the body fight infections and ward off toxins making the cells younger and healthier. This will also promote one’s healthy. Oranges, mangoes, papaya, and pineapples are great vitamin sources that promote the skin’s glow and health. Vegetables are also great sources of skin vitamins. Eat plenty of tomatoes, spinach and kale.

Avoid junk foods at all cost. Processed foods contain chemicals that are detrimental to the health of each individual cell in the body. Sodas and processed fruit juices are packed with sugar and calories that will also add to your weight. Fast foods are also categorized as unhealthy foods which are common sources of carcinogens and calories.

  1. Drink lots of water.

The simplest way to keep yourself beautiful and young is to drink plenty of water. A minimum of 8-10 glasses a day will do the trick. Water will keep the body hydrated; it makes the skin more elastic, thus preventing the early growth of wrinkles on your face or neck. Water will also flush out toxins from your body keeping your system clean and your cells free from radicals that age them faster.


  1. Adopt an outdoors lifestyle or be physically active.

The outdoors is a fun and physically rewarding experience that one can integrate in his healthy lifestyle. Trek with friends or indulge in biking. While these activities are fun; you also lose calories and improve your muscle health in the process. With stronger and fitter body comes a younger looking you.

If you are not an outdoors-type of person, it doesn’t mean that you will have no other way to keep your body fit. You can have yoga in your garden, or half an hour routine at the treadmill. The important thing is you keep those pounds in check. You can also get a gym membership and have a fitness instructor help you find the right program to keep your body trim.

When you are fit, you will have more confidence and beauty will just ooze out of you. Fitter people look younger than obese people, thus exercise is a shortcut in helping you cut the years off your face.

  1. Get plenty of sleep and avoid stressing out.

The cells age faster when a person is subjected to stress. The same happens when you do not get enough rest during the night. The cells regenerate and reclaim their health during the early morning when you are deep asleep. The process would be impossible when you are awake. Give your cells the time to replenish their energy after a day’s non-stop work by getting 8-10 hours of sleep. They will thank you for it and make you look vibrant and glowing.

  1. Always wear sunscreen to protect your skin.

Your skin will always be judged when it comes to assessing your age. The skin is the most vulnerable part of the body to aging. Protect it by wearing sunscreen every time you go out and subject it to the heat of the sun. The sun’s rays can quickly darken your skin, cause sunburns and even skin cancer. As much as possible, avoid the heat of the sun especially from 10 am to 4 pm. If you can’t help it, cover your skin with sun protection.


  1. Adopt a healthy skin regimen.

A lot of people especially women are very fanatical of skin products that they sometimes overdo it. These skin products may be helpful but one must choose carefully which to use. These products have synthetic ingredients as well as chemicals that may harm the skin or the body. If you can’t help using them, you can just choose the products with natural ingredients as well as those without harsh chemicals in them.

Make sure that you also remove makeup thoroughly before going to sleep. The chemical substances in your makeup may be absorbed by your pores leading to have darker skin or even zits.

Moisturize your skin. This is essential to keep your skin hydrated and tight. Do it in moderation that you do not leave excess amounts of oil on your skin. This will add to the sebum produced naturally by the pores which could lead to pimples and acne.

Skin exfoliation must also be done regularly. This helps remove dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin. When not removed, your skin may darken and get dried. Dry skin almost always leads to early appearance of wrinkles.

Incorporate natural skin regimens to your overall skin care practice. You can also try making use of natural skin remedies to replace your commercial skin products. Create facial masks from oatmeal, natural toner from lemon juice and honey, and mayonnaise as moisturizer. It could be fun and of course healthy to your skin.

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